PentesterLab: First Impression Review

Like I mentioned at the end of last weeks post, I moved away from HackTheBox this week and studied on the PentesterLab site. This is a relatively new service that focuses on web application penetration testing, providing a wide range of systems that can be used to practice exploiting specific vulnerabilities. With approximately 200 exercises … Continue reading PentesterLab: First Impression Review

OSCP Week 11: Heading Into the Home Stretch

Course content: 18/18 Lab machines: 26.5/55 Days: 77/90  I made some solid progress again this week, managing to root 3 lab machines of varying difficulties. It feels like I'm starting to head into the final stretch of my initial attempt at the OSCP so I'm doing my best to keep the motivation high and commit … Continue reading OSCP Week 11: Heading Into the Home Stretch