OSCP Week 1: Crash Course

Course content: 7/18
Lab machines: 0/55
Days: 7/90

So my first week of the OSCP PwK course is done and dusted. Like I planned, I spent around 20 hours total and was able to complete the first 7 course modules. I also decided to fully complete and document the lab exercises for the learning experience and the bonus 5 exam points. Although this means it will take me more time before I am able to attempt the lab machines, I think this is time well spent. I am committed to learning the course materials in as much depth as possible so that I am truly prepared once I do reach the lab machines.

Weekly high:

I had the most fun by far this week on the buffer overflow module. The videos and lab materials are very well done and explain the entire process in a clear, concise manner. I found the mechanics of memory manipulation to to be particularly fascinating, and they are very satisfying to complete (when you can get them to work!)

Weekly low:

I ran into my first major issue during the lab exercises, and it was completely my own fault. Whilst doing a buffer overflow exercise, I spent over 2 hours trying to figure out why my exploit wasn’t working. In the end, what was causing me so much grief was an incredibly minor syntax error where I had put “/” instead of “\”. There is a lesson to be learned here though, as I spent a long time trying different techniques out without double checking my code first. I also think I would have benefited from taking a small break and revisiting the problem instead of banging my head against the metaphorical wall.

I haven’t felt out of my depth so far, which is a good sign in these early stages. In saying that, I’m sure that the course will get more difficult later on so I’m not about to put my feet up just yet. I’m looking forward to learning more as I progress through the course modules!


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