OSCP Week 2: Speed Bump

Course content: 11/18
Lab machines: 0/55
Days: 14/90

Progress stalled for me a bit this week, and I wasn’t able to cover as much ground as I would have liked. Part of this is because I was unable to spend as much time during the week due to external commitments, but the main factor is the issues I faced with one of the course modules. After spending a few days stuck on one particular lab exercise, I decided to finally cut my losses and move on. I’ll need to revisit this exercise at a later date in order to complete the lab exercises, so I’m hoping I will have more luck the second time around.

Weekly high:

After being stuck for so long, it felt good to move on and find more success on the other modules. I have a lot of optimism that I will be able to overcome the issue when I attempt it at a later date. In fact, I suspect that I was making a minor error and it will be an obvious fix when I do return to the exercise. For now though, I plan to keep pushing ahead with the course content as I want to maintain momentum and finish off the rest of the modules first.

Weekly low:

Being stuck is a horrible feeling. You try so hard, with many different methods but still aren’t able to reach a solution. What’s more, the issue I had was unique to other issues on the student forum and I didn’t receive any replies providing assistance after making a post of my own. I spent a lot of time frustrated, and I should have moved on and started the next module much earlier than I did. This is a good lesson I will no doubt need for the lab and exam machines. The longer I spent stuck, the less efficient I became which in turn lead to even more frustration. In a way, I’m glad I experienced this now as the next time I experience a similar situation I will move on much, much faster than I did this time.

For next week, I am aiming to power through and finish off the remaining lab exercises. I will have much more time available this upcoming week so I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to finish, ready for a start on the lab machines the following week.


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