OSCP Week 3: First Step

Course content: 18/18
Lab machines: 1/55
Days: 21/90

Last week I wasn’t able to finish as much as I had hoped, so I am pleased to report that this week I was able to complete more than I had estimated. The modules toward the end were relatively short, so I was able to make quick work of them and free some time up for my first crack at the labs. As you might have noticed, I have taken my first ‘real’ step by owning a lab machine!

Weekly High:

Being able to get root on my first lab machine was without a doubt the best experience I’ve had so far in this course. Although it was one of the easier machines (I’ll admit that this was a deliberate choice), it was a huge confidence boost for me personally. I was relieved to know that I am at a level where I can finish this course, provided I put in enough time and effort. This has given me a renewed sense of motivation to continue forward in the following weeks.

Weekly Low:

The Port Redirection and Tunneling module was difficult and I still don’t fully grasp some of the concepts covered. In my opinion the module was too short for the complexity of the content, and as I don’t have a strong networking background I struggled a bit. If I find myself needing to use the techniques covered I will have to revisit this module again in order to fully understand them.

I don’t expect too much progress next week, as the Kiwicon conference is happening on Friday and Saturday. I’m also attending a Kiwicon training session on Wednesday titled Bluetooth Low Energy Hacking 101 which I am particularly excited for. So although I won’t have quite as much time to dedicate to the lab machines, I will still be learning a lot about InfoSec and offensive security in particular.


2 thoughts on “OSCP Week 3: First Step

  1. Great to read how you are progressing with your OSCP. I passed my Security+ a couple of weeks ago but I have changed my focus to CISSP. The overlap with Security+ surprised me but CISSP covers the topic in greater depth.

    Enjoy Kiwicon, yes the studies have to wait but I look at them as a great networking opportunity and contribute to making you a more rounded individual.


    1. Congrats on passing your Security+ exam! Going after the CISSP is something I considered as well but decided to attempt a more technical cert first. From what I hear the CISSP is plenty difficult though so good luck with your studies toward that.

      Fully agree about the benefits of networking and hearing the various talks, I’ll probably be putting up a quick Kiwicon post up soon if you’re interested.



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