OSCP Prep – Episode 3: Baby’s First Pen Test

After a few weeks of set-up and familiarizing myself with the basics, this week I began to do what felt like some actual penetration testing. Although I do not feel as though these previous weeks were in vain, I’ll admit that it at times it has been a grind to get through. I was therefore extremely excited to get stuck in with some basic exploitation using the Metasploit framework.

Metasploit is a tool that is pre-loaded in Kali Linux, and provides a platform to develop new exploits as well as a library for existing . This makes Metasploit invaluable to Information Security professionals as a knowledge base, whilst also being simple to use and understand. Metasploit is also considered trustworthy due to a community-driven vetting process all code must go through before being implemented.

I’ve seen online that the OSCP exam limits the amount of Metasploit you can use, but I still saw the value in learning the basics as a starting point for vulnerability exploitation. More than anything though, I was keen to get my hands wet with a basic exploit that would give me a basic sense of ‘hacking’ and move away from some of the basic theory and foundation content I had been covering.

Starting up Metasploit was relatively straightforward and the ASCII art that greeted me was particularly entertaining.


Metasploit’s msfconsole page. The latest version contains 1776 exploits!

The vulnerability I decided to exploit is known as the MS08-067 exploit for Windows XP. The unpatched Windows XP operating systems are missing the MS08-067 security bulletin, which is an opportunity to gain shell access via Meterpreter.

I honestly found this exploit fairly easy to navigate. Metasploit is straightforward in what options are available and what parameters required to run a penetration test. The only real issues I had were opening the Windows XP ports for Metasploit to connect to, as well as a minor static IP collision with another device on my local network. However, once those were corrected running the ‘exploit’ command and opening a Meterpreter session was only a formality. My first exploit was successful, and much easier than I had anticipated it would be!


I had a lot of fun learning about the MS08-067 vulnerability and exploiting it, and the satisfaction of gaining remote access through a Meterpreter session was the icing on the cake. However, it is important I stay aware that the work I did with Metasploit does not mean I understand the vulnerability and how it is being exported itself, merely that I was able to do so through the use of the Metasploit framework. I’m hoping that further down the line I will be able to move away from being a simple script kiddie, and understand the technical aspects of these exploits in much greater detail.


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